James Choice & The Bad Decisions

by James Choice

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This year, while we've continued to work on a brand new LP, we decided there were older numbers of our's that have never quite seen the light of day on a release. So, this month we put these songs together on a record which we're extremely proud of, produced across three days at Stress Studios, Graz. The EP will be available as a beautiful CD Digipak on tour, and for digital download online from the 18th March.


released March 18, 2016

Written by James Choice & The Bad Decisions:
Sebastian Abermann
Michael Dey
Georg Schober
Bernd Faszl
Kathrin Kolleritsch

Mixed by Georg Showbaer
Engineered by Tom Zwanger
Produced by James Choice & The Bad Decisions, Georg Showbaer and Tom Zwanger.

Additional Percussion by Alex Kerbl


all rights reserved



James Choice Vienna, Austria

James Choice & The Bad Decisions are a five piece song writing team based in Vienna, Austria. Their music is defined by their incredibly listenable, yet constantly surprising and unexpected hooks, underpinned by subtle lyrics, rich five part vocal harmonies, and melodies that soar from broken and delicate depths to defiant and dizzying highs. ... more

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Track Name: These Bullets Are Thoughts
you're always waiting for something
never doing the right thing
your head's in a noose
tied by your thoughts
and they're stacking the odds

you've got access to all possible options
but a mindset that won't stand a chance
'cause if you choose you loose
you're a failure, a fraud
worthless 'cause you're flawed

clear your mind,
it's taking a piss,
all over your dreams,
try to make sense of this.
it's like Russian roulette,
and these Bullets are thoughts,
don't regret all regrets,
until it no longer hurts.

and it's Ego that's buying all of the crap,
and you're lying, not facing the facts,
you pile up shit around you,
until you get smothered.
but you just can't be bothered.

you're aiming beyond the gap,
but you're blinded and can't see the trap,
that’s waiting out there for you,
the bait is sugar and salt,
suddenly it's nobody s fault.

well I'd say it's time,
to make sense of this,
I load up on my dreams,
I shoot though I may miss.
and if these thoughts are bullets,
they may leave me in holes,
but out of old regrets,
I cobbled brand new soles,
and they will lead me there.
Track Name: Brobdingnag
I've got a map that I can't read
guess I could follow the footprints
I can see a light but it's too bright to lead
my feet don't fit the footprints

stranded on a shore the air's too dense to breathe
washed away with my footprints
red giants and white dwarves they ask me to leave
while I am left trying to figure out
their dropping hints

let your heart be a compass
and your guts set the sails
your dreams give you wind
if you just stop chasing whales
let the sun warm you up
feel the breeze, take a breath
heave to, drop the anchor
your home's where you left
misled by stars
this ship took you very far
you're not sinking
just let it sink in

bought a thing or two beyond my means
thought they'd fill out my footprints
i thought I was poor so i sold all my dreams
but I am still chasing hints

I left to find treasures but got lost at sea
and hide inside footprints
I kinda know how to steer but it's too dark to see
time to leave here as I ran out of footprints
Track Name: You've Got A Fiend
I don't know what for
I don't know what for am I doing this
I don't know what for anymore, anymore

I don't know how long
I don't know how long this will be going on
I don't know how long, how long, how long
just trying to stay strong

you painted me a picture
it's hanging on my bedroom wall
how good it is to look at it
when nothing's right at all

I need something that's real tonight
I need something that's mine
I need to see you soon again
I need some space and time

I think I got lost
I think I got lost along the way
I think I got lost, I’ve gone astray

I feel like I've lost
I feel like I've lost my will to lose
I feel like I've lost, I'm lost, so lost
ready to be found

tell me it'll be fine again
show me something I can grab onto with hands
help me find my way out of here
can you lend me your shoulders
your arms and your ears?

thanks, I think I'm alright again
and I'll be there when you crave for a friend
I will offer you shoulders and ears
and my hands to lead you away from here

come on let's move on
come on let's move on
'cause if we don't belong here
why should we stay here at all?
Track Name: October Sky
finally you are
where you always wished that you could be
a holiday from being super strong
take the time and let them
help you so that you can see
the place and time where you know we all belong
it’ll feel good even though it’s been so long

so don't be afraid
to tell me what you've learned
show me all the scars
your aching heart has earned
I'll promise you one thing although
I may not understand
if we're going down we'll do it hand in hand

so don't be afraid
to tell me what you've learned
show me all the scars
your aching heart has earned
I'll promise you one thing although
I may not understand
if we're going down we'll do it hand in hand

Don't you dare fucking cop out like that
Track Name: Travelling With A Dead Man
and again
someone has broke my heart
another day of falling apart into a million pieces
this story's old, and so's my face
and I'm so sick of trying to win this endless race
nothing to gain. Nothing to get from me
I just wanna sleep
sleep and dream it all away
where are the songs that were stuck in my head?
it's just filled
filled up with stupid thoughts and crap

can you help me up?
I think I broke my spine
one can so easily slip
instead of stand the test of time.
this life isn't fair
and you're full of it
I'm on my own off into the dark
with my baggage full of shit
what can I say?

not again
I think I broke some hearts
they tried to trace
trace back the lead to where the story starts
and there's no cure for this disease called me
just loads of problems
and no solutions as far as I can see
here it comes, another epic fail
just wait for the sad
applause to end and then off I trail
I'm so lost no one can find me, not in time
I play hide and seek
with all my fears who are now friends of mine

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