The Black & The Whole

by James Choice

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setecastronomy Spectacular arrangements and lyrics involving leaking black holes and frozen fires yearning to burn. Me totally approves :-) Favorite track: Fears/Fire.
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'The Black & The Whole' is the latest EP from Austria's James Choice & The Bad Decisions. Self-produced, self-released, the band display their keen identity of songwriting and DIY aesthetic.


released May 29, 2015

Lyrics written by Sebastian Abermann and Michael Dey
Music by James Choice & The Bad Decisions
Produced and mixed by Georg Showbaer


all rights reserved



James Choice Vienna, Austria

James Choice & The Bad Decisions are a five piece song writing team based in Vienna, Austria. Their music is defined by their incredibly listenable, yet constantly surprising and unexpected hooks, underpinned by subtle lyrics, rich five part vocal harmonies, and melodies that soar from broken and delicate depths to defiant and dizzying highs. ... more

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Track Name: Fears/Fire
Just before the break of day,
Would you walk a mile along my way?
Leave your fears and fire on the shelf,
And see them written deep inside myself.

Clocks ticking timeless ‘til we're dead,
The pages pile, they're left unread.
Tell me where I’m coming from,
Let me root and branch and grow up strong

Why would you weigh a life in gold?
How many precious treasures do you hold?
Questions I can't even spell,
and answers only time will tell.

You’re always asking where I go,
To be honest, I don’t really know.
The past is gone, future’s unclear,
And there is only really now and here.

Nothing can kill this pain,
I’m a black hole and I am leaking.
I’m a lonely light past the point of no return.
Fear it fills my brain,
I feel my knees steadily shaking,
I’m a frozen fire yearning to burn.
Track Name: Gravity/Motion
You know I know you, know I care
You never suit that guilt you wear
It has never helped at all
Yet all the ways you tried to run
Before your feet had caught along
You never feared the fall

If you're not where you wanna be
You've lost your grip on fantasy
And gravity is dragging you down

Tides get high, and lives get low
From all sides the wind will always blow

Come on now put it right
Let's set this wheel in motion
Let you heart beat in time with your brain
Because if you sit on idle hands
You won't ever fix what's broken
Don't let all your bruises be in vain

I know it takes alot to share
Your worries that hang in the air
I'm always there to talk
Once everything is said and done
There is no 'we', there is only one
And the the road we have to walk

If you're not where you wanna be
You've lost all sense of fantasy
And gravity is dragging you down

Come on now put it right
Let's set this wheel in motion
Let you heart sing in tune with your brain
Because if you sit on idle hands
You won't ever fix what's broken
Don't let all your bruises be in vain

I see now how you seem to know every spoke within my wheel
It's finally time for me to fully stand the weight I feel

I see now how I tried to reap the hopes and dreams I sow
before that I had given them the proper time to grow

And I can clearly see the steps now, with no fear to fail
And leave behind the burdens I've allowed to tip the scales

And I can sense the blood flow back into my hands again
To mend the bonds that held us close, and pull apart the chains
Track Name: Dead Sea
Confined, there is no space
Through holes in the plank
To watch them raise fences
Whilst the ship sank
The sea has been rough now
For more than one night
But maintains the blood flow
Keeps feeding the fight

There is a fortune to be made
Encouraged by greed
To look down on the famished
And people in need
To abandon all trust
In the hope to succeed
Leaves the ink to dry
On yet another terrible deed

Yet under the waves,
The ways we weigh the world begin to fail,
The loss of your breath, lifts the veil,
Come back to the air,
Pressure's lifted from your chest you're stripped to bare,
Now do you care, we'll meet you there

Come find me displaced,
With hell on both sides
From peril to peril
To build a new life
Drowned in the voices
On the edge of a knife
With those who could help us
Adrift in the strife

Home is now so, so, so far away
Where will we be going
Will we find a way
Searching for safety
And a place to belong
A thousand lost people
An ordeal so wrong

Back to the air take us
How do you dare forsake us
We paid the fare take us
Back to the air

Name tags empty,
Keepers of plenty,
Moats and mystery,
Give us something for our suffering
Lead us back to the air

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